Urban Fabric

Downtown Peoria is yarn bombed and the results are a major thumbs up.


This post aired yesterday on my other endeavor The Whiskey City Collaborative.

Sometimes downtown Peoria can seem awfully cold. Those large one-way streets, concrete parking decks, and the crowds that leave at 5 make what should be a colorful place pretty drab.

But Peoria is bursting at the seams with creative people. So much so, they have taken to that drab landscape and covered it with color. You’ll notice a couple pieces of art downtown have gotten some new holiday sweaters.

The Prairie Fiber Arts Guild wove together some pieces of art for the Citywide Celebration of Women Artists going on from October 15th to November 15th. They bombed various sculptures around downtown with their weapon of choice – yarn.

Cedric The Dragon: Bombed



In Memory Of The River People: Bombed

CAC yarn bomb


This Random Bike Rack: Bombed

bike rack

 Imagine if your grandmother knitted you a piece of artwork instead…

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