NextGen T-Shirts Available

What better way to remember CNU NextGen in Buffalo? T-Shirt!


Cost: $12 per, or $20 with $8 donation to local Buffalo on-profit.
Acquire: If you are interested, please email: with your size (important note: women’s sizes available, but run small).
Pick-up: Depending on the turnaround for printing they will be available at Tuesday (or Wednesday) at the nightly event.





What You Need to Know NOW!

What you need to know NOW about CNU NextGen 11 …



Home Base: Lafayette Hotel
There is a lobby / brewery on the main level. We have this space all week.

$$ –Hotel @ Lafayette – “Congress for New Urbanism Next Gen” Block

  • Call [716] 853-1505
  • Range is $139 p/n (basic) to $189 p/n (suite)
  • We can help find you a roommate.

$ Hostel Buffalo Niagara – Currently 100% availability during the week

  • Call [716] 852-5222, or book on Hostel World
  • Range is $25 p/n (dorm) to $65 p/n private room

See you in Buffalo!

About CNU Next Gen

The Next Generation of New Urbanists is a fellowship within the Congress for the New Urbanism with three goals:

  • to provide a forum for new participants, new ideas, and new voices – from both within and from outside formal New Urbanist circles.
  • to function as a network that connects those of us interested in the advancement of New Urbanist theory and practice to ever changing realities.
  • to establish an infrastructure that will outlast any NextGen “member” that supports future leaders and provides a continual input of creative energy and new personalities into CNU.

New Urbanists are professionals from various fields dedicated to implementing the principles of New Urbanism, a movement that seeks to create and support walkable, compact, diverse communities in the U.S. and beyond.

NextGen is not about being young or new. We are diverse in professional practice, age, geographical origin, interests, experience, and background. We welcome students, emerging professionals, newcomers and long standing members of the Congress of the New Urbanism alike.

Posting and comments are open to all parties interested in furthering the theory and practice of New Urbanism.




More details available online:

Place Summit is a working meeting of driven individuals proactively working to improve the future of America’s cities, towns and countryside.

Our nation has the capacity to rise up from the underutilized parking lots and failing infrastructure to thrive again as a country filled with natural beauty, productive lands and inspirational cities. As we face this time of enormous economic transition, the need for a countrywide vision — a path for America to become a healthier and wealthier society — is apparent. The United States was founded on a wide open landscape. Today, we find ourselves pioneers once again, but instead of westward expansion, our great opportunity will be found by capturing the enormous inherent value trapped in our existing places.

We need to create a new continental development model for the United States.

Just as with western expansion, industrialization of our cities or the post- WW II suburbanization, this new model must harness the pioneering American spirit and build on our commitment to opportunity, prosperity and freedom for all. Our next development model must focus on creating value throughout our existing cities, towns and regions. The time is at hand to develop the next comprehensive design and policy framework for our economy that is once again based on placemaking.

In 2010, a small group of planners, designers, architects, lawyers, developers and urbanists started an annual working weekend to focus on the future of America’s cities, towns and countryside. A central project has emerged out of many long nights of debate. The brief of the ideas we have begun to target as the next American Urbanism project can be downloaded here. Tactical Urbanism has been the most notable of these efforts thus far that have spun out of the Place Summit meetings.

Your experience and knowledge is needed to help sharpen our movement’s focus for the next 20 years of work.

New Bloggers 06-17-2013

We are excited to announce two new bloggers to the NextGen Blog!

Angela Jo Brackett is the creative director for Pegasus Planning and Development. Pegasus has been involved with many public workshops and tactical urbanism events focused on East Austin and is interested, along with her firm, in the subject of Food Security. Angela and the President of Pegasus, Sean Garretson, will both be contributing under this name.

Rémy Vigneron is a French Urban Designer currently studying in the United States at UPenn and Berkeley. Rémy is inspired by the NCI trainings on Charrette management and hopes to implement the charrette process back in France. He is also interested in Sprawl Repair.

Welcome aboard to the both of you and happy blogging! We welcome your voices to the discourse here at NextGen.

More Presentations from CNU21


We’ve had another update to the CNU21 presentations we’ve been able to make available. Presentations from the sessions Emerging Ideas (Thurs. May 30th) and Building Blocks: from Patterns to Job Creation (Friday, May 31st) have been uploaded on our CNU21 page.

Do you know any of the speakers from the Breaking Down Barriers and Getting it Built or Power to the People and People in the Streets sessions? We’re looking for their presentations. Help spread the word so we can include them here.

Are you a speaker from CNU21? Would you like to share your presentation and contact information to further the discussion on your topic? Send us your PDF in an email to contact [at] cnunextgen [dot] org and we’ll get it online for you.

Be a Blogger for NextGen

Part of our mission statement here at NextGen is “to provide a forum for new participants, new ideas, and new voices”. In striving to achieve that goal, we’ve decided to provide our fellowship and audience alike the ability to blog right here on our site.

To become a NextGen Blogger, email us at: contact [at] cnunextgen [dot] org expressing your interest. Please include your name, email address, a small head shot, and a short bio about yourself so we can introduce you when you come onboard. Once we receive your email, we’ll send you an invitation to join the site as a “Contributor” where you can write and edit your posts but not publish them. Your first five posts will need to be approved by an Administrator, but once you have five we’ll make you a full “Author” with the ability edit, publish, and delete your posts, as well as upload files/images. As you work on your first five posts, just email us when you’re finished editing each one and we’ll publish it asap.

Happy Blogging!