Debates and Late Show with @StrongTowns #CNU23

EVENT: Friday Night @ Grand Ballroom during CNU.

NextGen Debates are returning to their edgy roots.

Loud music: check.
Audience voting: check.
Snarky panel: check.

It’s a hardcore mashup of Oxford Debating meets American Idol hosted by NextGen’r Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns. We need contestants to debate the following propositions:

1) In the United States today, cities should be using height limits to improve their development pattern
2) Auto-based New Urbanism was a mistake
3) Sprawl Retrofit is a pleasant concept, but is not a viable solution to widespread sprawl

If you would like to be in the debates, nominate yourself by emailing Chuck at and letting him know which proposition you want in on and whether you support or oppose it. Only two of the three will be chosen so make your case to be one of the contestants.

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